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G Drive return policy worth the time?

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Post time: 2013-03-08 21:16:16 |Show all posts
Using Mac OS X v10.7 Lion
i may have a bad 3 TB g drive external that i am using for my time machine backup.
i have had some brief correspondence and phone discussion with them and i am wondering if it is worth my time digging out my receipt and hassling with them in the event that this is a defective unit or if it is a defective unit that may be out of warranty.
i realize this is slightly off-topic but i need to get this port to mac finalized and the time machine backup is a critical aspect of finishing this.
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Post time: 2013-03-09 06:30:25 |Show all posts
ok. thanks gents.
i will move it along over here. i am running a second attempt at zeroing out and will see how it goes.
i recently had a pretty fantastic experience with western digital where i ordered a set of internal drives, took a very long time to getting around to putting them in the computer and found one was not working.
i got on the phone with a rep, they expedited a /half/ day delivery of a brand new drive with no questions asked that i can recall except my name.
i am trying to use a mix of drives and depending on the customer service and/or return policy with G-Drive i may take them out of the mix despite the fact that they and lacie seem to have a prominent spot at the mac stores...

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Post time: 2013-03-09 05:11:35 |Show all posts
As others have suggested, you should contact G-Technology
about the failure. The Apple Store, like any other, will only
deal with failures within usually a 15-30 day period after purchase.
After that, you need to work out your issues with the manufacturer.
If you are beyond the manufacturers waranty, there is not much you
can do.
Personally, in addition to the sources macjack as pointed out,
I have had good success with iOmega drives. One manufacturer
I would definately stay away from is Western Digital. The disk
drives themselves may be okay, but ther external enclosures have
been problematic for me over the years to the point I will no longer
purchase anything from them.

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Post time: 2013-03-09 03:40:32 |Show all posts
I don't know anything about g-drive, the most trusted drives here are usually from OWC and LaCie. They are very reliable vendors.
But a hard drive is just a mechanical device and unfortunately, can brick at any time.
Try downloading and running the free demo of Drive Genius > Surface Scan to see if there are bad blocks.

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Post time: 2013-03-09 02:30:43 |Show all posts
Thanks for the explanation. Do you mind if I ask why you wanted to zero the drive during formatting? It would add a lot of time to the process, put a lot of stress on the drive and, given you're not selling the drive or returning it (at least, not yet) there doesn't seem to be a security concern. What were you hoping to achieve with that step?
I guess my point is: would a normal re-format suffice?
Otherwise, good luck with getting warranty support. If you're in Europe, don't neglect your statutory rights over and above G-Technology's own warranty---it may give you some additional leverage. If you're elsewhere, check to see whether similar legislation exists to aid you.
Merry Christmas!

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Post time: 2013-03-09 00:50:12 |Show all posts
hi scott.
thanks. sometimes it is hard to know when to post and when not to. that said, oftentimes if i post what i am thinking i end up getting guided in the correct direction on this forum.
in this case i got an answer on a parallel thread on this issue that has helped move it further along.
the problem has been that i have had a boot issue when trying to access another OS on my mac pro and i finally isolated this down to the g drive. if it is on or plugged in i have this problem and if it is off i do not. so - the solution was apparently (according to the great help on the mac forums) and the somewhat reluctant help from g drive, to reformat the drive.
attempting to reformat this drive when using the zero out option results in an error.
this morning i was told that this means there is a problem wiht the drive.
i was trying to find out how amenable g drive will be to taking this drive back in the event that i am over the warranty period and/or how much hassle i may need to put into this. if it is over warranty and they don't take it back then i got burned for $300 plus at the mac store.
thought someone might have some experience one way or another with this brand and or their warranty.
i will also try the g drive forum as g drive on the phone was not so alert and i want to minimize the amount of aggravation i put into this...

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Post time: 2013-03-08 23:02:37 |Show all posts
Perhaps if you provided details of the specific problems you're experiencing, we'd be able to offer some advice.
I have to say, though, this really isn't the place to post this. It's not even entirely clear why you've posted. Why not post a thread on G-Technology's own forums: http://www.g-technology.com/phpbb3/ .

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