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I would like to convert an animated Gif to .mov, will Quicktime Pro 7 do this? Should I spend the money?

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Post time: 2013-12-28 18:12:12 |Show all posts
Hi everyone.
I'm looking to put a few animations onto keynote and I'm making my presentation on PowerPoint.
I need to convert an animated gif into a .mov file and was wondering whether Quicktime Pro 7 does this?

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Post time: 2013-12-28 20:34:54 |Show all posts
Since it appears QTKirk has provided the best answer for your specific work flow issue as stated, I will answer your more general question...
Yes, QT 7 Pro can open an animated GIF file and save it as an MOV file. At this time the real question is whether or not the MOV file produced is suitable for your needs. Basically the MOV file can be then then be played—but it only plays one pass in the normal playback mode. You can, of course opt to loop the playback which, for a small files, plays much as the original GIF.
Unfortunately, the "Loop" setting is not saved when the MOV file is saved, so this option must be re-initialized each time the MOV file is opened. This would not be a problem if all you are doing is openening the file in the QT 7 player and letting it play in the looped mode all day as some sort of display but would likely be an unsatisfoactory solution for sending the MOV file to someone else. You could, of course, turn the MOV file into a QTL file with the loop option set to get around this problem.
While I would be hard pressed to say it would be a good investment just for the creation of GIF movie files, QT 7 Pro does offer a lot of other features that make it a bargain utility for many quick edit requirements if you use/need them.

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