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Mail displays threads out of order; blue dot is persistent

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Post time: 2013-04-28 03:56:56 |Show all posts
I have Mail.app configured for 1 Exchange account. Occasionally, a message belonging to a certain thread wil be displayed above the main header for the thread rather than below it. At the same time, the blue dot which indicates an unread message will not disappear for that message, even after it's read (the icon badge and unread counter in the left pane next to the mailbox icon do accurately display unread count - it's just the bue dot in the message view which is problematic.
These 2 issue often occur simultaneously but sometimes independently of each other.
Closing/reopening the message viewer will resolve this, as well as rebuilding the mailbox. It often resolves itself after the next check for new mail.
This is happening often enough to be very annoying (several times a day), and has prompted me to look for another mail client.
I've tried recreating the account from scratch (after renaming ~/Library/Mail)... all the usual stuff. Repaired permissions (even though I've yet to see that solve anything).
I don't have any bundles installed.
Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas on how to troubleshoot further?

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